The UK release of my new EP, “Angel No More”, was great, and I’m delighted to announce that I am now properly releasing it in the United States as well.  To celebrate I am having a special Bay Area show at the wonderful Red Poppy Art House in San Francisco.

I am especially excited that the woman so often behind the lens of the photos I share with you (for example the one above), my dear friend Mirissa Neff, is turning her creative ingenuity to my set… The already beautiful and intimate venue will be transformed into a virtual music box, with me and bassist Aaron Germain at its heart, and you invited not just into the songs as per usual, but into Mirissa’s environmental design of a fantastical world.

Additionally, Mirissa will present a new multimedia work purposed especially for the night, created from soundscapes and images she’s recorded around the world.

I hope so much to see you there, and I promise to be back on the line with information on more dates, local and beyond, in support of “Angel No More,” very soon.

Love and light,